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This page contains a collection of links to sites of interest (that is, of interest to me!).   Please, if you find a broken link, let me know!


Academic and Research links   Up

  • DIFRES - The Danish Department of Fisheries Research.
  • UCT - The University of Cape Town.
  • MARAM - The Marine Resource Assessment and Management Group (my research unit).
  • ISOUCT - The International Students' Organisation of UCT.
  • Discover Magazine - online popular science magazine. Fast and very readable.

HTML building aids   Up

Computer gaming   Up

  • GamesDomain Reviews - the most thorough game reviews. I highly recommend these guys!
  • Gamespot - best general info games site, with news, preview, reviews, and downloads.
    I particularly like their Top Ten section, and their GameGuides (which are free).
  • Scary's Shugashack - news and whack info on games. Don't forget to check The Suckage.

Silly Sites   Up

Generally useful sites   Up


Film and television   Up

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